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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Holiday drawing time

Sory for not writing... (If anybody even waited for me to write because I have some doubts if anybody even reads my blog) but I am now on holidays since a long long time ago...but I will be back in one and a half week. And when I will be back I plan to get going with the blog so be prepared. Firstly I want to start with some fanfiction writing and contionue with my story. And secondly I have some very interesting stuff to share with you connented with my holidays (an English university guide and maybe do some quizzes with prizes ro win)

So that is to come in a weeks time...for now as I am with only my phone and don't fancy writing on my phone I just wanted to share a few of my new drawings with you.

Both are done with copic markers but the second one was in black and white but I coloured it digitally (hmm...on my phone I  a very simple photo program so I don't know if that even counts) ;)

The first one is some kind of a try to capture a feeling that I had once. I just wanted to point out that the photo is poor quality and that the person has no eyes which was intentional.

The second one is a CD cover that we had to plan in my class to an album of one chosen band (they had to be from Oxford)
So we chose "The Candyskins" ;) you can listen to one of their songs on you tube (for example "Car crash") cause as I stated earlier I can only edit posts on my phone which makes adding links almoast impossible ;)

So that is all for today. If you are reading this and you like my blog you can comment.  It is always better to know if anybody is reading :)

Than if you like reading fanfics (and since I plan to write one) you can tell me which fandom would you like me to include.  I personally was thinking about something connected with "Continuum" but it is not so popular and I am afraid that not everybody would be able to enjoy it (although it us a really great TV series and you can watch it if you want :) ) So I am open for your proposals and wait for comments. :)

See you in one week's time!

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