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Monday, 12 May 2014

The Voices

Welcome again I hope that you all enyojed my last post. It is time for the next one today i will give you a piece of my writing (a prologue) It is a part of a longer series and I plan on continuing it. For today I ask for understanig because it is not so easy to write something in foreign language(but I still hope there are no serious mistakes) 

So enjoy reading and see you next time ;)



That was the day on which the Voices spoke.

Still not understandable, losing themselves in the past and their own words. Repeating fragments of their previous statements. Reality and dream entwined with each otcher with no sense. Despite this everybody came to listen.

Elders and kids. Hunters and gatherers. They all stood together at the edge of The Forest afraid to
make even one little step further.

The Voices were with them always, despite the fact that most of the tribe mambers have never heard them until now, nobody ever questioned they existance. They just accepted it like their ancestors did for ages.

A little boy with shining amethyst eyes and short messy black hair was also listening. The forest had amazed him for years. He wanted to walk deserted paths in the moonlight, look at the sunlight filtering through the giant leafs, and admire the animals: huge butterflies traveling over fields, snakes hanging down from branches like colorful lianes. He felt as if The Forest should be his home. But yet he was afraid, so afraid of what he wanted to call home, of what he called his destiny. But more than enything he was afraid of The Voices and The Forest was their kingdom.
A boy with amethyst eyes have heard The Voices every day. He never told anyone. If he did they would have locked him down in a room with no exit. He would have become a slave of his own abilities. He didn't want to. He would have to listen to The Voices till his death, with no time for rest. In his village there were three people with a gif, two man and one women. Trapped inside a prison with no escape they soon went mad, becoming savage and unpredictable. He didn't know for how long he could hide his ability but he knew that if they find out it will be the end.

Suddenly a boy heard somebody calling his name. It wasn't a voice of his mother nor one of his three younger sisters. It was his voice, his own but a little bit more mature. He wasnt a child anymore but this voice sounded like a voice of a grown up person.

He heard it call him again and now he identified exactly where it was coming from. It came from the front, from The Forest. His amethyst eyes filled with fear and than determination. He took one step forewars, and than one more. He heard the silent whispers in the crowd behind him, and his mother shouting his name but he didn't turn back. The Voices from The Forest were now louder than ever, his name was spoken by thousends of beings. He had enough, he wanted them to stop but they wouldn't. He made a decision and with a few steps he managed to reach first trees. He heard someone scream and than everything was comsumed by bright light. A village at the edge of The Forest didn't exist anymore.

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